Complete Commercial and Residential Tree Services

A Family Owned Company

Mission Statement:
is to enhance the beauty and health of your trees while providing excellent service at a fair price.  We hope that you will allow us to exceed your expectations.

What makes us different?
For starters, we absolutely won't sell you services that you don't need. We talk ourselves out of work on a regular basis! Under the majority of circumstances, we adhere to a "less is more" philosophy when it comes to tree work. We will take the time to discuss with you the most reasonable course of action for preserving and enhancing the health of your trees.
Since we are a family-owned company located in the Dallas area, we are able to offer personal, individualized service tailored to the specific needs of our clients. The overwhelming majority of our clientele are repeat customers (both residential and commercial) who have done business with us on multiple occasions, over several years.
We've been around a while. This may not seem like much, but every year dozens of "tree companies" come and go. Just Trees was founded in 1991, and has seen many changes since that time. We continue to refine and adapt the company in an ongoing effort to better serve our clients.

Owner/Operator Mark Wittlich- ISA Member/Forestry Degreed

Your Trees Could Look Like A Work Of Art

I Guarantee It...

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